One week to go... Progress on yet-to-be-revealed content and EVERYONE* GETS A FREE ITALIAN SPRUE.

'The Battle of Primosole Bridge campaign book' Kickstarter has only one week to go. Initially funded in 26 hours we now have more than doubled our funding goal and have backers from all over the world getting ready to refight the historical battle from Sicily 1943. With only one week to go before the end of the campaign there is still time for this pre-Christmas/pre-end of year investment in your gaming for 2022 (and still have a few weeks before Christmas!).

As we have mentioned previously Dan and I have the book largely complete. However, along with fine-tuning our various assigned parts of the text and rules, Dan is painting more models for studio photos to include in the book while I am finalising our best terrain board to date for more in-game/in-battle photos. This new gameboard which has not been publicly revealed yet is a 10' x4', purpose-built, fully sculpted terrain board which is a beautiful representation of the bridge and its environs in [near] real scale for 28mm miniatures. It includes what we are calling the 'realistic bridge'. This new 3D printed bridge which we have not mentioned until now.

After a major rework of the original STL so that it exactly fitted our requirements and at over 120 hours of 3d printing its near 4' long and admittedly not for everyone's games room. Having said that Valhalla Games always aims to raise the bar so in conjunction with the already stunning gameboards we have revealed on the pages of the book so far showing the 'representational bridge' on a [more reasonable] 6x4 table we look forward to revealing the new board to you also. If you want to see all of that, you're going to have to back the book on Kickstarter and you only have a week to do it.

*In other exciting news Wargames Atlantic have been even more generous to the project, we went to them cap in hand to see if we could get some more free Italian sprues to go with the books, they must be excited as their response was... I quote: "No limit - go for it." This means that EVERYONE that backs the book gets a random free Italian sprue from the box set here: If we can get the new miniatures in time we will also include some images in the book itself for inspiration. (paint Dan paint!!). Do us a favour and hit that page in the link above so that they can see that their generosity is rewarded by interested potential customers.

We would like to remind you again that doubling up with a buddy and getting 2 books shipped to the same address is significantly less postage 'per book'.

Standby for even more exciting news in the next few days but get your pledge in now so you don't miss out as the next week fly's by. If we are able to add more content such as we have with the free sprue mentioned above we will. We won't be doing it as a 'stretch goal' but instead we will be retrofitting this extra reward into the original project, if we can give you more for the same price we will regardless of the final project total! (But don't stop nagging your friends to back it also).

Back it here(!): ...or if you have done so already spread the word, did I mention its only 1 week to go ;-)


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