Kickstarter Update 1 - 'The battle for Primosole Bridge'


Welcome to the first update of the now funded 'The battle for Primosole Bridge' campaign book Kickstarter.

Once again, we would like to thank everybody who has made this project a reality. By backing you will not only have a fantastic campaign book that you can enjoy and play for years to come but you have also helped to educate people as to the heroic efforts (on both sides) in a little-known historical campaign.

This project was funded in a bit over 24 hours and we can't wait to see where it goes in the next 26 days or so.

After a brief bit of R&R Dan and I are straight back to work on the book again. I spent a good long session taking more photographs in a more 'studio shot' type format over the last couple of days. Whenever we do this, we always get carried away and take many, many photos, not all of which are relevant to the book, and we have included one below. This one won't appear in the book because it doesn't match the historical equipment for the campaign. Nevertheless, we think it's a great photo and wanted to share it with you.

We also wanted to take the opportunity to thank the fantastic guys at Wargames Atlantic and WOW buildings for generously providing free goodies for early bird backers. There are still free sprues and STL files available on the 2 books 'buddy up' early bird deal at the time of writing.

Don't forget to visit WOW Buildings ( and Wargames Atlantic ( to check out their webstores. We are sure that there will be something there of interest to you. Dan and I certainly get motivated whenever we see new stuff which is why our respective war games storage areas are bulging at the seams.

We're really enjoyed people reaching out to us to tell us about how excited they are about the book what they're doing in terms of preparation and what they are most looking forward to playing. A little bit later on we'll be calling for photos of your battle prep. We would like to see what your building, painting, and preparing, it inspires us also. If you are planning for a new British para army to play with in the campaign (like I am) have a look at Valhalla games YouTube channel where Dan does a paint and learn video giving you the colours and some hints on painting British paras as well as interesting history on the uniform itself and don't forget British paras have maroon berets *not* cherry red if you turn up with cherry red berets to the table Dan will have words with you. :-)

Very soon my British paras will be looking just like Dan's that you can see in the photo below.

If you haven't heard enough of Dan and I, we just wanted to remind you that we are chatting on 4 podcast channels right now, Henry Hyde's battle chat, the South Wales Warlords Sounds of Battle Podcast, Brads Cast Dice (the same feed as the official bolt action podcast) and of course Valhalla games own podcast, here:

As always you can contact us here

Dan's British paras with Jeep and trailer
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