Kickstarter Update 2 - 'The battle for Primosole Bridge'

 WOW! Thank you everyone who has backed "The Battle for Primosole Bridge" already, and thank you for your interest to anyone who has just found our project and is here to find out more...

We certainly didn't imagine we would be at almost 200% funded at half way through the campaign! Thanks very much for your confidence in the book.

We continue to work doing editing and additional final photography for the book. Another load of miniatures is winging its way ( Airborne of course!) from New Zealand to Australia for further photography as we continue to capture images that fulfil our vision of bringing each element of the battle to life. We were confident we were on the right track even before we revealed some of the books images to you for this campaign- and now you've shown you are as excited by our work as we have been to bring it to you, we are so excited for all the images and content that you haven't yet seen in the previews!

We only have some 14 days to go!! If you are reading this and you haven't secured your copy yet, or your buddy is keen but has lost track of the time... now's your time to get that order in before the start of the busy festive season.

Perhaps Santa might bring some wargamers The Battle for Primosole Bridge? If he wanted to here is the link:

Don't tell Rex... a quick workbench phone camera snap of paratroopers manning a captured Elefantino gun before sending to Rex for proper stills for the book!!
Kickstarter Update 1 - 'The battle for Primosole B...

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Thursday, 01 December 2022

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Podcast EP22: Campaign book Kickstarter - INCOMING.

Although other podcasts have done (and will do!!) a fantastic job of asking us the hard questions about the new The Battle for Primosole Bridge Campaign book (the Kickstarter is just days away now). Dan and I thought we had better say something ourselves on the subject :-).

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