Barricades Boomgate and Bunkers STL pack (Download available once the order has been manually confirmed)

AUD5.00 each


This product is delivered via a web link to a zipped file.
Special note: The download of this product will be available after the order has been manually ‘confirmed’ by Valhalla Games. Often we can confirm an order within a few minutes, but depending on time zones day jobs and sleeping this may take up to 12 hours. Thanks for your understanding and thanks for supporting valhallagames.

These 3D printable STLs were created by Valhalla Games for the Primosole Bridge realistic board as featured in the video here: 
Note that the round bunkers were created by wow buildings along with the bridge and can be purchased here:

FDM supports:
May not be needed, but we suggest a single support column under the doorway lintel
The boomgate is pre-supported


Barricades and boomgate.stl
Bunker 1 door.stl
Bunker 1.stl
Bunker lid 1.stl
Bunker lid 2.stl
Bunker Lid overhanging.stl

The names are pretty descriptive already the only other things worth mentioning are:
- The overhanging lid for the bunker is suitable for Primosole Bridge, the other lids are better suited to other areas in Europe
- The lids are interchangeable and have small locating pins to prevent them slipping off mid game
- The boomgate arm, does not rotate. It has two holes one for raised and one for lowered positions, the hole is a suitable size for a bamboo skewer typically available in packs at a grocery store (at least in Australia) 

Terms and conditions:
- Feel free to print as many as you like for yourself and your gaming friend (or three) 
- If you’re printing enough for your entire gaming club or an event, consider making a small donation via PayPal to paypal [at]
- Please don't share these STLs they are priced cheap enough that whoever wants them should be able to afford them
- Please don't resell the printed models, contact podcast [at] if you would like to purchase a reseller licence