XPS foam building, first attempt progress log, just a simple building for a start. Photos after the "continue reading"...

Current stage (see the progress shots below)

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First mockup for checking size, ohhh that's a bit big!
Quick chop with the hotwire cutter and it's back down to a better unrealistic wargame size ;-)
Window casement and door masters ready for molding and then duplication in resin. Just need to add a couple of shutters then mold/cast. Hmmm, am I going to regret not making theĀ full window its self rather that just gluing the verticals and horizontals to the window reveal or is that only part time builders that need to worry about that?.
Bolt action figure for scale.
That's the window and door mold complete, tomorrow morning let the casting begin.
Not the best mold, the mold release didn't work as well as previously but should work OK
Roof supports, may as well make them look good as well as be functional. Will cast 2 of these in resin and glue them together back to back to form one rafter set that's textured/detailed on both sides. I did spend about 10 mins researching accurate rafters for the period/location but got bored and used my imagination.
Resin cast door and window
Door and window in place
Trimwork on
Corner stones
I love the back of this door!
Texture done on lower level
Roof trusses (rafters really)
Corner stones on top level, also showing cut in for rafters
Being able to cut down the resin windows gives me lots of options and will only require 1 extra bit of balsa once cut to complete the window, should speed things up.
Roof on, "roof shout" (may just be a kiwi thing!
Tiles on
Starting to look like something...
The back

More to follow, comment to be notified of progress.