For anyone that's been following along you will know that the Valhalla Games Kickstarter for "The Battle for Primosole Bridge" campaign book was a success. This campaign book is based on the WWII historical actions around the strategically important Primosole bridge during the Sicily invasion in 1943.

The book has been successfully crowdfunded and Dan I are working our way through the rest of the tasks that need to be completed before printing. I will be requesting the final number of free sprues from Wargames Atlantic on the 7 January 2022 and I just wanted to let you know that if anyone still wants to pre order the book and get the free Italians sprue you can do so up until 7 January.If we get your order before then we will include the sprue for you just the same as the Kickstarter orders

We will be doing the additional books pre-order via PayPal so that we don't have to go through the complicated and confusing Kickstarter system for adding any more books to the Kickstarter at this late stage.

If you're interested and would like the price of the book including postage to help you to make a final decision, please contact us here and I will email you a quote for the book (including free sprue) delivered to your location. The cost of the book is $55 Australian plus postage (remember to check your conversion rate - in your currency it may be half this cost!). The prices for pre-order will be an Australian dollars as that is where the book is being printed and shipped from.

The $55 AUD price, once converted, is the same as the Kickstarter price of $60 NZD (give or take a little for currency fluctuations between then and now), so both those ordering through the Kickstarter and now via the pre-order are paying the same amount.

The books are planned to be shipped out to all Kickstarter backers and for all pre-orders in April 2022, we are not planning to hold a warehouse full of printed stock so if you want it and haven't backed the Kickstarter doing a pre-order is your chance to secure the book, we think you're going to love it.

Contact us here and include your shipping country and I will get back to you will an obligation free price. Again just the reminder that the free Wargames Atlantic sprue offer with the book will end on 7 January 2022.

If you're at a loss as to what this is all about you can view all the detail here: